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Every day people spend thousands of dollars on bad leads: prospects who are turned off at their peak of interest and, even worse, prospects who are bombarded with a dozen other opportunities besides yours, as they are shared with your competitors!

The majority of marketers jump frantically from lead deal to lead deal buying leads from different companies only to find out that they are actually buying the same leads from different suppliers!

Whether they buy 24H, 72H, 92H or even LIVE leads, everyone will sooner or later find out that these leads are S-H-A-R-E-D! You’re likely to find yourself competing with dozens of other marketers in the crucial follow up. You end up with distracted and irritated prospects in your sales funnel!

The Definition Of Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results…

Are you wondering how the heck they get their staggering monthly recruiting results? How they wind up at the top of the charts in their MLM company every month?

Read on and allow me to reveal their most guarded secret… making it instantly available to you!

Let me put you at ease first. The secret is not for sale in the next new-kid-on-the-block eBook bomb that will cost you another 97 bucks and then entice you to purchase some other $167 eBook which in turn urges you to sign up for 12 other programs and empties your wallet even more, eventually leaving you with the painful realization that all of this sophisticated, non-duplicatable stuff has not brought a single soul into your downline!

We’re in MLM right? We want to recruit and duplicate, yes? Okay, now that we are on the same page, allow me to get in your face and tell you what we need.

First of all, we need an ongoing source of the freshest and hottest prospects out there, but we need them exclusively and at the peak of their interest. Secondly we need lots of them at the lowest pricing possible!

To get the desired results, you will need a substantial amount of leads.
To get these leads at the best price possible, you will need to have direct access to the generator, with no companies or brokers in between!

There are two ways to unlock the gate to the ultimate lead source:
A huge, steady lead buy-in by yourself?
Not likely! We are talking about a monthly five- to six-figure investment here. Even if you, personally, can afford that kind of investment, you can forget about duplicatability as not many in your downline will be able to do the same thing. Am I right?
Co-op’ing the source?
YESSS! Gather a few hundred top earners with huge incomes and have them invest in ongoing portions. This makes exclusive leads available to their downlines at affordable prices!
Co-op’ing an exclusive lead source is what most top recruiters do, and that’s exactly what we have made available to the entire industry in a simple, easily duplicatable formula!

When I came up with this idea, not everybody agreed with me initially as some were afraid that their source would eventually dry up and they wanted to keep this exclusive asset to themselves.

We’ve worked out a win-win deal in the form of an extremely lucrative compensation plan and as far as our source goes… The bigger the co-op, the more advertising we can finance so there’s no way this consortium will consume all leads!

We can GUARANTEE you the world’s #1 lead source at the lowest pricing possible! TrafficOasis is not a regular MLM Lead Company but a cooperative composed of heavy hitters and their downlines who all share a common interest: providing their downlines with the freshest, most responsive Non-Shared, Pre-Qualified, MLM Leads out there to make their organization spread like wildfire.

To prosper in today’s marketing environment you need to offer an effective turnkey solution that provides an ongoing, top-quality prospect source for you and your downline.

You get access to easy-to-manage enrollment formulas and tools to funnel these leads through a state-of-the-art, proven and guaranteed marketing process that will filter out the prospects from the suspects and maximize your chances of enrolling them in your opportunity.

Even better, we have implemented Funded Proposals to make duplication a very lucrative opportunity on its own so that your lead investments rapidly become self-liquidating. The whole thing is so easy that even a 12-year-old could do it! TrafficOasis is truly a Turnkey Solution.

A Funded Proposal is a self-funding marketing campaign: you invest a couple of dozen bucks and earn back your investment or better. It’s about being able to advertise endlessly for “FREE” because your marketing keeps bringing you back a profit.

That’s a funded proposal.

To ensure that you experience the residual monthly income that all multilevel dreams are made of, you need to 100% guarantee yourself that not only can you market for free, but you can earn a profit so that you can compound your advertising campaigns in order to reach broader amounts of people. We have taken care of your front-end sales so that both of these outcomes will happen automatically for you.

Detailed information about this exciting, revolutionary system will be made available to you after you become a TrafficOasis member, because we have to keep certain techniques out of the reach of non-members.

When you introduce the TrafficOasis CO-OP to others (even to your competitors in other MLM’s!) you are placed in a revolutionary Infinite Cycling Matrix™ and Infinite Straight Powerline™ that produce full-time incomes for those who either work the plan or stay in the plan!

Think of how many struggling online marketers would love to make hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars each month by introducing people to a service that they, and other online marketers, desperately need!

Sharing our consortium with your downline and other marketers is one marketing method that will withstand changes in our industry over time. Regular advertising methods are becoming less effective and harder to duplicate. Yes, you can still get responses and still enroll people with regular online and off-line advertising, but not like you could in the past, and not quickly enough to build a thriving, growing organization.

Network marketing is really about numbers. All we have to do is to sift and sort through heaps of people over and over again. “Professionals sort, while amateurs try to convince.” Most marketers simply don’t have a proven formula for sorting through enough prospects on a monthly basis to create momentum in their organization, and momentum, my friend, is 90% of the game…

Recruiting is down in virtually every home business opportunity in the country. Most have simply not been able to attract and enroll sufficient numbers of people quickly enough to create momentum and sustained growth!

You and your downline need safety in numbers: you need an ongoing stream of the best Pre-Qualified Leads possible. Once you have enough people to share your opportunity with, you have mastered the game.

That’s called The S.I.N.A.L.O.A. Principle: Safety In Numbers And The Law Of Averages. Our TrafficOasis consortium can make sure your downline is flooded with enrollees, even on a daily basis.

Our automated formula creates several hoops for prospects to jump through in order to enroll as many people as possible. We have designed a turnkey system that ensures duplicatability!

Remember this: 35 top trainers can’t beat a duplicatable system! Systems are duplicatable, while most people are not…

Leads are just part of the investment that is necessary when you are involved in MLM. Explore TrafficOasis and discover a unique system that virtually guarantees you will at least recoup your small monthly investment almost immediately.

Get yourself, your downline, future downline and even your competition on the best lead source available and earn the highest possible commissions and residual income while doing so!

You will earn hugely by promoting your primary program to the highest quality, most cost-effective leads available. You now have a recruiting and training powerhouse for your new enrollees –your “lost in the desert downlines.” You can now answer their “How do I get started?” question simply by sharing TrafficOasis with them.

You will earn hugely by promoting our lead program to those prospects who have already found the opportunity they were seeking, simply by showing them how TrafficOasis provides the best Pre-Qualified Leads and most lucrative lead provision system.

You will earn hugely with our totally automated “Funded Proposal” system, which pays you commissions and helps you separate the suspects from your prospects!

If you are looking for the GUARANTEED best possible MLM prospects, the hottest and freshest exclusive NON SHARED leads… (unique in the industry)
If you are looking for the GUARANTEED best possible self-liquidating system ever created that could generate you a strong four-, five- or even six-figure monthly income all on its own…
If you are looking for the best turnkey duplicatable recruiting system that skyrockets your MLM recruiting and eliminates “lost in the desert downlines” forever…
Your search is over!

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