How To Attract More Interested, Enthusiastic Prospects… More Customers… And More Cash Profits From Every Ad, Sales Letter, Web Page, Or Any Other Marketing Piece You Ever Use — 100% GUARANTEED!

What is the #1 most important part of all your marketing on the Internet? The one thing that is even more important than your sales letter?

It’s your headline.

Think about something very carefully for a second. How do people reach you on the Internet? What makes them click over to your web site or read your email message? (a subject line is still a headline)

The answer is the headline. It is the most vital of all. If your headline does not make them click, your site never gets read. If your headline on your site doesn’t make them stay they simply click away.

Nothing is more important than the headlines you use in your emails, your ads, your banners and your web pages. All of them must be powerful and make people want to know more.

Headlines are so important that not spending the most time on them will make you lose tons of money. More time should be spent on your headlines and titles than the actual writing of your salesletters. They are that vital to your success in any type of advertising.

When you realize that one headline can pull 1700% more than another you begin to realize just how important they are. If you are placing ads right now and they are pulling in 500 hits a week, one simple change in the headline could make the same amount of work pull 5,000 hits a week.

The difference can be massive and will determine the success or failure of your business. It can also determine how many people care to read your article.

Titles for articles should be given the same amount of consideration as headlines for sales letters. The more power and impact the title has the more people will read it.

Many people give very little thought to the title of their articles. Don’t make that mistake. Make your titles provocative, exciting, promising a huge benefit and they will draw the maximum number of readers. Your articles should be just as exciting as your sales letters.

When you consider that the only way for anyone to reach you on the Internet is through a headline, it gives you some idea of their power.

A classified ad should be created out of the best headlines you have. Your banners should contain the most potent headlines you can think of. All links on your site should be thought of in terms of headlines.

Links on most sites say things like, “Free E-Book”. They expect you to click on that and download it. It’s not going to happen. ‘Free ebook’ tells you and I absolutely nothing. We’ll pass it over without even a second glance.

Give all your links life, power and benefits and then watch what happens to the response. Treat each link like you absolutely had to get every visitor to click on it.

What would happen if all the links on your pages suddenly got 20 times more clicks than normal?

If you’re already making money, then your income would skyrocket. All from some very simple changes that would take no more than a few minutes.

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